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That's a Fancy Way of Saying: Carmela's Journal

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Just to let all my faithful followers know, I am no longer going to use this blog to update everyone on my happenings. Sorry for the inconvenience. Instead, I'm switching to a WAY better blog where you can leave comments more easily.

All you have to do is follow this link:

At least I hope that's a link.

You can also follow my page so I know how many out there actually read me! I would appreciate this. Hope to see you over there, where I plan to update daily, if not more so, in a much more entertaining manner.

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This video is funny and just goes to show that even happilly ever after runs into some rough spots.

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I had one of the best Christmas breaks of my life, so I thought I would take some time and try to recount all that happened.

It started with the celebrations to end my semester. After my Contracts exam, I went with Schelly and Esther to Side Bar. Then, Antoine, Sarah, and I went to the house party that Sims #2 threw. Both were very fun.

The next day, my brother Donnie graduated with his MBA. Max and I drove to Statesborro to see. He had to wait in the car during the ceremony and while we ate lunch, but he didn't seem to mind too much. I slept most of the rest of the day, recovering from the day before. With Saturday came the oyster roast which was cool. Lots of people came, but the coolest by far was Jack Kingston, the congressman. Yes, my family is so cool that congressmen come to our parties.

I got to go to another oyster roast the next day as well. Ashley graduated with her accounting degree and had a roast. Lots of flip cup, lots of delicious foods, lots of fun, and a kiddy made the day amazing! On Monday, I met Mom, Don, and Wren and the kids at Negoyas for lunch and then stayed in a played with the kids all night.

Pictures of these occurrences are hereCollapse )

Nothing eventful happened, except that I got a cold, until San Francisco. I left on the 18th, flying out of Atlanta. I have to say, it was one of the prettiest flights I've ever had. I got to fly over the Rockies, which was AMAZING. Then, the landing strip for the airport in San Fran was right on the Bay, so it almost looked like we were crash landing into the water but then at the last minute the landing strip appeared. Katie said she even reached for her flotation device because she thought they were crashing!

We took the subway (BART) to Val's house in Oakland and walked around to a deli for lunch. After walking around some more and hanging out until her roommates came home, we went to dinner at TGIFridays with coffee at Starbucks after. The night concluded with a visit to the movie theater to see the new James Bond movie, which was great!

We woke up the next day and had Val's roommate, Steve, drive us around to East Bay wineries. (I'm going to take a shower now, but I will be back later to finish the stories! Stay tuned for the updates!)
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I thought I would post my tentative plans for the Holidays so you can all get excited about when to see me!

Dec 11: My last exam. I shall spend the afternoon and evening celebrating appropriately.
Dec 12-15: Leave for Savannah around 7am on the 12th (this includes Donnie's graduation on the 12th, the oyster roast on the 13th, and Ashley's party on the 14th.)
Dec 16-17: Back to Atlanta to work! (I'll dive back to Atlanta after dinner on the 15th)
Dec 18-22: SAN FRAN! with the GALS!
Dec 22-27: Drive back to Savannah, I think my flight lands in Atlanta around 9pm on the 22nd. HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!
Dec 27-28: Virginia for Kathy's wedding. Someone remind me to ask Uncle Phil and Aunt Caroline if Katie an I can use the condo in Alexandria again.
Dec 29-30: Home? Atlanta? I'm undecided and taking suggestions.
Dec 31: Atlanta for the GT Peach Bowl game! GO JACKETS!
Jan 1-4: Atlanta, working, getting ready for school.
Jan 5: School starts back up, so I'm in Atlanta.

Hope to see everyone whenever and wherever we are to be in the same city!

Cheers and Happy Christmas!
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Probably the coolest thing that's happened yet while living in Atlanta happened yesterday while driving home from David's office. It was a little after 6, so of course pitch black dark, which, while driving home from the north of the city, provides a beautiful view of all the lights of the skyline. It was cold and flurrying lightly, which always makes me excited, and the Christmas music on the radio helped. Traffic was surprisingly light, I mean like no one was on the road, which is rare, until I got just south of North Avenue (where traffic normally is clearing up, not getting heavy.) I see some lights flashing off one of the sky scrappers and think there must be an accident and those are the lights of the emergency vehicles and that's why traffic was slow in that spot.

However, as I get around one sky scrapper and the curve, I see why everyone is slowing down almost to a stop: one of the parking garages on the east side of the connector had lit a giant tree on it's roof and was shooting off a glorious display of fireworks, pretty low - not even higher than the sky scrappers. Hark the Herald Angels Sing was on the radio (an instrumental version, which added quite nicely!) I got to see it for about 10 minutes, including the huge finale! Once the finale was over, traffic started moving normally. It was incredible!
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For my money, it doesn't get better than a cup of home made Sitzie soup on a freezing cold night snuggled up next to your favorite pup. It was a much needed study break!
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.....though not for another few weeks. Things are getting perhaps not as busy but definitely more stressful. Everything that I have left to do is very high pressure and grade dependent, and all the work I've done all semester hinges on these next few weeks. I have classes tomorrow, Thursday, and Monday, and then exams, exams, exams. My two RWA graded memos are due Monday but I hope to turn them in on Thursday or Friday.

On the nice side of life, Don, Wren, and the babies are coming in town Thursday for the Georgia Tech game. They will then spend the weekend camping in Tennessee, so it will be nice to get to see them but since they're leaving, I'll still get to get all my studying done. It's cold as the dickens right now. It's getting down into the 20s every night this week, until Sunday, when we get relief (and by relief I mean it's only getting down into the 30s :( boo...) Walking to my car today at 3 in the AFTERNOON, I could see my breath. Needless to say, walking Max is not very fun. He doesn't seem to mind too much.

Right now, I'm meddling between Civ Pro and Property - in Civ Pro, I'm reading about the Erie doctrine which was a Supreme Court case that decided which law was applied to diversity cases being heard in the Federal Courts. So if I sue someone from Tennessee over a car accident that happened in Florida, we get to go to Federal Courts because we're from different states even though a car accident isn't a federal issue (this is to prevent state bias against out of state citizens). But which state law gets applied: Georgia, Florida, or Tennessee law? Erie goes into that. In Property, I'm taking a practice exam over landlord-tenant law. I think one of the fact patterns involving a lease to a restaurant that didn't have a liquor license and the landlord knew it but didn't care. Then it got shut down, and the tenant disappeared for about 2 months while supposedly getting the necessary license. Meanwhile, the landlord decided to relet since he wasn't getting rent payments. After he does, the original tenant shows back up and wants it back. I'm not real sure what the answer is but I'll get to it, hopefully...allegedly.

That being said, maybe I should get back to work....
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Yay! I passed legal bib! Six classes to go.... Also, only one full week of classes left this semester, then a few classes the week of Thanksgiving, and then two weeks of exams. I'm super excited about our break! I know I'll probably have some homework to do, but I'm okay with it. I have lots planned for the break: Secret Santa with my study group, Donnie's oyster roast, San Fransisco with the girls, Virginia for Kathy's wedding, and CHRISTMAS! I'm in the Christmas frame of mind already - I can't stop singing Christmas music but I still can't find a radio station that's playing it.

Classes have been business as usual. I can't think of anything exciting to write about. I am working on Property and Civ Pro tonight, then volunteering in the morning, and then David and Lauren's. Sunday holds more studying.

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Mandy did this survey, and I need a study break - so I'm going it, too! I will try to update at sometime this week with all that's going on in school.

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School is actually going pretty well, stressful as all get out, but well. I took my first law school exam on Friday in Legal Bib (research), but it was just a pass/fail type thing. I still won't know my grade until November 24th though! It's not really a huge deal because it doesn't affect my ranking in any way but there's always that fear of embarrassment for being that one kid that didn't study enough and has to take it again as a 2L. Hopefully, it won't be me. I don't think it will be, but you never know!

Considering that when I started school, I was very anti-study group, I LOVE MY STUDY GROUP! We were all getting coffee the other day, and one of the guys said it's so weird how we all are so different but have that same sarcastic dorky personality and that we all managed to find each other. And it's so true. One of the girls, I have NO classes with, one of the guys I only have ONE class with, the other girl I have two classes with, and the other guy I have four classes with. So it's weird that our class schedules are not at all alike, yet we still but off a vibe that brought us all together to study. Our styles and methods of studying compliment each other, and since we all get along so well, our study groups also provide like a social break in the day even though we're studying at the same time.

Since I love my study group so much, here's a little bit more info on us. We call ourselves either the Cool Cats or the Big Pig Jigs. Don't ask. We have a gang sign and we're working on a secret hand shake. You can't see it because it's secret. Haniyah is the oldest (our MOM!) and she's married with two kids. She got her undergrad from Georgia State and spent several years as a real estate agent and then an insurance something or other before coming to law school. She really likes IP. Sarah graduated from Furman (boo!) and played softball there. She spent the last few years in the peace corps in Guatemala before getting sick and having to come home, where she decided to go to law school for environmental law. Antoine got both his undergrad and masters at schools in Ohio but since he hates snow, decided to move South for law school. He majored in religious studies. And then there's James/Stephen/Steve and since no one knew what to call him and he refused to pick one, we made him go by a girly nickname derived from his last name. We call him Schelly, but we claim that as OUR nickname and don't let others use it! He graduated from Georgia State as a poli-sci major and then spent some time living in Central and South America. He and I both are interested in some sort of international business law.

My big question right now is where I want to study abroad. Antoine is going to Austria where the classes focus on International Arbitration but Sarah and Schelly are going to Brazil. The classes there have more variety and I could focus just on international business transaction law. I feel like I would rather go to Austria, but the courses would be more worth my while in Brazil. It's a toss-up.

Well, I've distracted myself from my Tort reading long enough - I must go learn the burden of proof for causation in negligence cases. Fun stuff....
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