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I thought I would post my tentative plans for the Holidays so you can all get excited about when to see me!

Dec 11: My last exam. I shall spend the afternoon and evening celebrating appropriately.
Dec 12-15: Leave for Savannah around 7am on the 12th (this includes Donnie's graduation on the 12th, the oyster roast on the 13th, and Ashley's party on the 14th.)
Dec 16-17: Back to Atlanta to work! (I'll dive back to Atlanta after dinner on the 15th)
Dec 18-22: SAN FRAN! with the GALS!
Dec 22-27: Drive back to Savannah, I think my flight lands in Atlanta around 9pm on the 22nd. HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!
Dec 27-28: Virginia for Kathy's wedding. Someone remind me to ask Uncle Phil and Aunt Caroline if Katie an I can use the condo in Alexandria again.
Dec 29-30: Home? Atlanta? I'm undecided and taking suggestions.
Dec 31: Atlanta for the GT Peach Bowl game! GO JACKETS!
Jan 1-4: Atlanta, working, getting ready for school.
Jan 5: School starts back up, so I'm in Atlanta.

Hope to see everyone whenever and wherever we are to be in the same city!

Cheers and Happy Christmas!
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