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Probably the coolest thing that's happened yet while living in Atlanta happened yesterday while driving home from David's office. It was a little after 6, so of course pitch black dark, which, while driving home from the north of the city, provides a beautiful view of all the lights of the skyline. It was cold and flurrying lightly, which always makes me excited, and the Christmas music on the radio helped. Traffic was surprisingly light, I mean like no one was on the road, which is rare, until I got just south of North Avenue (where traffic normally is clearing up, not getting heavy.) I see some lights flashing off one of the sky scrappers and think there must be an accident and those are the lights of the emergency vehicles and that's why traffic was slow in that spot.

However, as I get around one sky scrapper and the curve, I see why everyone is slowing down almost to a stop: one of the parking garages on the east side of the connector had lit a giant tree on it's roof and was shooting off a glorious display of fireworks, pretty low - not even higher than the sky scrappers. Hark the Herald Angels Sing was on the radio (an instrumental version, which added quite nicely!) I got to see it for about 10 minutes, including the huge finale! Once the finale was over, traffic started moving normally. It was incredible!
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