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Sweet relief...

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.....though not for another few weeks. Things are getting perhaps not as busy but definitely more stressful. Everything that I have left to do is very high pressure and grade dependent, and all the work I've done all semester hinges on these next few weeks. I have classes tomorrow, Thursday, and Monday, and then exams, exams, exams. My two RWA graded memos are due Monday but I hope to turn them in on Thursday or Friday.

On the nice side of life, Don, Wren, and the babies are coming in town Thursday for the Georgia Tech game. They will then spend the weekend camping in Tennessee, so it will be nice to get to see them but since they're leaving, I'll still get to get all my studying done. It's cold as the dickens right now. It's getting down into the 20s every night this week, until Sunday, when we get relief (and by relief I mean it's only getting down into the 30s :( boo...) Walking to my car today at 3 in the AFTERNOON, I could see my breath. Needless to say, walking Max is not very fun. He doesn't seem to mind too much.

Right now, I'm meddling between Civ Pro and Property - in Civ Pro, I'm reading about the Erie doctrine which was a Supreme Court case that decided which law was applied to diversity cases being heard in the Federal Courts. So if I sue someone from Tennessee over a car accident that happened in Florida, we get to go to Federal Courts because we're from different states even though a car accident isn't a federal issue (this is to prevent state bias against out of state citizens). But which state law gets applied: Georgia, Florida, or Tennessee law? Erie goes into that. In Property, I'm taking a practice exam over landlord-tenant law. I think one of the fact patterns involving a lease to a restaurant that didn't have a liquor license and the landlord knew it but didn't care. Then it got shut down, and the tenant disappeared for about 2 months while supposedly getting the necessary license. Meanwhile, the landlord decided to relet since he wasn't getting rent payments. After he does, the original tenant shows back up and wants it back. I'm not real sure what the answer is but I'll get to it, hopefully...allegedly.

That being said, maybe I should get back to work....
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