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Amen to that! Aren't we all...

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School is actually going pretty well, stressful as all get out, but well. I took my first law school exam on Friday in Legal Bib (research), but it was just a pass/fail type thing. I still won't know my grade until November 24th though! It's not really a huge deal because it doesn't affect my ranking in any way but there's always that fear of embarrassment for being that one kid that didn't study enough and has to take it again as a 2L. Hopefully, it won't be me. I don't think it will be, but you never know!

Considering that when I started school, I was very anti-study group, I LOVE MY STUDY GROUP! We were all getting coffee the other day, and one of the guys said it's so weird how we all are so different but have that same sarcastic dorky personality and that we all managed to find each other. And it's so true. One of the girls, I have NO classes with, one of the guys I only have ONE class with, the other girl I have two classes with, and the other guy I have four classes with. So it's weird that our class schedules are not at all alike, yet we still but off a vibe that brought us all together to study. Our styles and methods of studying compliment each other, and since we all get along so well, our study groups also provide like a social break in the day even though we're studying at the same time.

Since I love my study group so much, here's a little bit more info on us. We call ourselves either the Cool Cats or the Big Pig Jigs. Don't ask. We have a gang sign and we're working on a secret hand shake. You can't see it because it's secret. Haniyah is the oldest (our MOM!) and she's married with two kids. She got her undergrad from Georgia State and spent several years as a real estate agent and then an insurance something or other before coming to law school. She really likes IP. Sarah graduated from Furman (boo!) and played softball there. She spent the last few years in the peace corps in Guatemala before getting sick and having to come home, where she decided to go to law school for environmental law. Antoine got both his undergrad and masters at schools in Ohio but since he hates snow, decided to move South for law school. He majored in religious studies. And then there's James/Stephen/Steve and since no one knew what to call him and he refused to pick one, we made him go by a girly nickname derived from his last name. We call him Schelly, but we claim that as OUR nickname and don't let others use it! He graduated from Georgia State as a poli-sci major and then spent some time living in Central and South America. He and I both are interested in some sort of international business law.

My big question right now is where I want to study abroad. Antoine is going to Austria where the classes focus on International Arbitration but Sarah and Schelly are going to Brazil. The classes there have more variety and I could focus just on international business transaction law. I feel like I would rather go to Austria, but the courses would be more worth my while in Brazil. It's a toss-up.

Well, I've distracted myself from my Tort reading long enough - I must go learn the burden of proof for causation in negligence cases. Fun stuff....
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